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Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy Ayuda

Test Outlook for connectivity issues

If you're having problems when using your Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy account, you might have a connection issue.

You can easily check this with Microsoft’s Connectivity test, which confirms the connection between your Microsoft 365 account, Autodiscover, and the setup process. If this test passes, there might be issues with your device or external connection. If the test fails, this could indicate a problem on our end.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.
  2. On the left, select Exchange Server.
  3. Select  Outlook Connectivity.
  4. Enter the following:
    • Email address: Your Microsoft 365 email address
    • Domain\User Name (or UPN): Your Microsoft 365 email address
    • Password: Your email password
  5. Select Use Autodiscover to detect server settings.
  6. Under Verification, complete the CAPTCHA, then select Verify.
  7. Select that you understand and agree to the user agreement.
  8. Select Perform Test.

Possible test responses

Common test responses include:

  • Success: Connectivity Test Successful
  • Success: Connectivity Test Successful with Warnings
  • Failure: Connectivity Test Failed

Common issues that cause test failures include:

After resolving these potential issues, try the test again.

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