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Import products with Product CSV Import Suite

Import products in your WooCommerce shop by using the Product CSV Import Suite extension.

Note: In order to follow the steps below, make sure that the extension is active in your WooCommerce shop by navigating at WooCommerce > Extensions and clicking on the "Activate" button next to the plugin's name.

  1. Create your CSV file

    The first step to import your products is to create a CSV file. There's a sample hereor you can find one titled sample.csv in the plugin's folder. In the sample you'll find some common fields like post_title, stock_status, and regular_price among other, but there are more fields available that you can use. Find more on the link above.

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  2. Import your CSV file

    Once you've created the file, you can navigate to WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite and get started with the import by clicking on the Import Product button.

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  3. Map the fields

    In the last step, you'll be asked to map the fields. This is to ensure that the headers of the CSV file correspond to the correct field in WordPress.

    Note: make sure that you take a moment to double-check the fields as this is the final step before the import starts.

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