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Enable external email forwarding

Note: We're working to resolve an issue with email forwarding. If you see an error when you try to set up external forwarding using the steps in the Email & Office Dashboard, please wait an hour and try again. Or, follow the steps under the Microsoft 365 Defender tab.

As a security measure, by default, you can't forward email to external addresses. An admin needs to turn on external email forwarding before you can forward Microsoft 365 email to a different account. Learn about admin roles from Microsoft.

  1. Sign in to your Email & Office Dashboard (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Admin > Email Forwarding.
    Keep a copy of forwarded mail checkbox
  3. Select Forwarding Status.
  4. Turn on the toggle under your domain name.
    External email forwarding toggle turned on
  5. After it's done loading, select Close. You can now forward your email to external addresses.

Return to this page to manage email forwarding for your users, including to add, Pencil Button edit, or Trash Can Button delete a forwarding address.

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  • Create inbox rules to automatically move incoming messages to a specific folder or assign an importance level. Learn more from Microsoft.

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