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Update my Microsoft 365 account to Exchange in other clients

If you’re currently using Microsoft 365 as a POP or IMAP account but want to switch to Exchange, you’ll need to change the settings in your email client. We recommend using Outlook or any of the clients in this list. However, if you use a different client, the following guidance can assist you in switching to Exchange settings.


If your Microsoft 365 email account uses IMAP settings, things like your email and folders are synced with the server. Other common email items like calendars and contacts usually aren’t synced, so you’ll want to back them up before making the switch. Please refer to your client provider for instructions.


If your Microsoft 365 email account uses POP settings, things like your email, folders, calendars, contacts, and other items only exist on the client and device used to check email. Before switching to Exchange settings, back up this data to either import or reference later. Please refer to your client provider for instructions.

Exchange settings

Once you’ve backed up or exported data as needed, add your email account to your client as Exchange. Some clients don't support adding the same account twice, so you might need to remove the existing POP or IMAP account before adding it as Exchange. Removing an email account could result in data loss, so we strongly suggest you back up your data if you decide to do so.

After you’ve added your account to your client as Exchange, import any backed-up data if needed. Please refer to your client provider for instructions.

Note: If your client asks you to manually enter your Exchange server settings, use the following:

Email: Your Microsoft 365 email address
Password: Your Microsoft 365 email password
Server: (this is required)
Domain: This can be left empty
Username: Your Microsoft 365 email address

My client doesn't support Exchange

If your client doesn’t support setting up email using Exchange, we recommend looking into other clients like Outlook, Mail for Mac, or Mail for Windows. You can also always check your email using Outlook on the web.

If you’d like to continue using your current client, you can use the Microsoft 365 POP and IMAP settings. Keep in mind that Microsoft is discontinuing basic authentication in 2022, so when that time comes, Microsoft 365 POP and IMAP settings will only work in clients that support modern authentication (clients that can use multi-factor authentication (MFA)).

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